In this digital age, businesses and consumers are more connected and informed than ever before. Consumers are more social, tech savvy, and mobile compared to years ago. Consumers are overwhelmed with information and can make decisions about your business before you even engage with them. Together we can help you stop the guesswork and know what they’re saying. With Gaishan, you can have a profound impact on what’s said, where things are said, and how things are said. Gaishan is helping over 1000+ businesses to take full control of their online reputation.


“Helping businesses improve by connecting them with consumer reviews and analytics.”

Impact Local Visibility

Online reviews have a large impact on local search engine optimization (SEO) and where you rank in those searches. We can help with your business to be more visible to prospective customers.


Gaishan's responsive platform generates completion rates up to 20% higher than traditional email-based platforms. Collecting reviews at an unprecedented rate from your customers. Thus, more reviews for your business.


Our software helps you gain a better understanding and insight into your business. So that you may set quantifiable goals and improve customer experience.


Manage reviews from a single location, and keep tabs on your team goals. Gaishan will help you create a balanced portfolio of reviews on industry sites that matter.


The value of a good name takes trust, and reputation. Reviews on major sites including industry specifics can help consumers know that you are trustworthy and reliable.


Gaishan will help you obtain consumer feedback to help you improve customer satisfaction. Improved communication with consumers will keep them coming back.

Business analytics & insights


Gaishan helps you keep track of the most vital information and that is knowing your customers. With Gaishan, we will be gathering valuable insights & analytics into your customers to help you improve your business. Using our AI built into our software we can help you increase your business’ online reviews and reputation. Thus, driving more traffic to your business.

Increase local visibility


Local search (SEO) can be competitive. Gaishan allows you to collect reviews from your customers to 100s of sites. Aggregated higher star ratings with higher rankings in local search, you will be on top.

Knowing your customers


You can’t control what consumers say. With Gaishan’s dashboard you are able to views all the reviews across multiple 100s of sites, gain better insight into their demographics. We even strive to keep the negatives reviews offline by allow you a chance to make it right with a customer.

Increase review traffic


We have researched into the top Alex ranked review sites and are working every day to integrate our software with these sites. The two major review sites that has the highest exposures are Google and Facebook. Gaishan helps by balancing and prioritizing these review sites with our AI to obtain the highest exposure for your business.


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