Your Results Driven By Online Reviews



Gaishan helps business owners and managers with our smart analytics which helps you gain insights into your business. We help our clients by providing them with feedback and customer experiences. Our dashboard will not only show you all of the reviews publicly but also the feedback provided privately. Customer reviews will have key insights to help your business improve.


  • Single dashboard to see all online reviews.
  • Offline reviews in a private feedback from your customers.
  • Email or SMS notifications when your business gets a review
  • Analytics for employees, your business, and most importantly your customers.
  • Ultimately boosting your business’s bottom line.



Business operations are already complicated and not knowing what is working or not is not beneficial to your business. With Gaishan, you’ll discover insights into your business and swiftly create efficiencies that can help you improve or validate operational changes you’ve made. With customers feedback and reviews you can ultimately increase more positive customer experiences for your customers and business.


  • Provide real-time customer review feedback.
  • Discover efficiencies and effectiveness of programs in your business.
  • Assess & Implement operational changes.
  • Real-time notification of feedback and reviews.



Word of mouth isn’t what it used to be… Gaishan helps your business with building and managing your online reputation. With Giashan, we can help you see reviews from the most influential sites, request reviews, and provide feedback to help you improve. As a result of the improved brand image you should see an increase in local SEO.


  • Improved traffic
  • Increased brand awareness & trust.
  • Increase online exposure in local SEO
  • Collect reviews on several sites